This is a build log for my Mewtwo cloning jar desk lamp. I used an old milk frother, wooden box, mewtwo toy, clay, wires, a magnet, fish tank air pump, neopixel ring lights, arduino and water.


For the showcase video, I used flash paper for fire and used my grinder on steel to create sparks.


I cut apart, filled with clay and repainted an old Mewtwo toy from Carls Jr.


An aquarium pump provided the bubbles.


To give a metallic look to the base, I took a wooden box and wrapped foil tape around it, before roughing it up.


I used neopixel ring lights and an arduino nano to create the lighting effects.


Here are all the components I used to make it:

Norpro Milk Frother Deluxe 16 oz Glass Cappuccino/Latte Froth Master 16 Ounces

Tetra Whisper Air Pump (Non-UL)

ArtMinds Wooden Box

Foil Tape
$7.30, used approx $1.50

Carl’s Jr Mewtwo Toy
n/a – 3d print alternative file here:

Arduino Nano

Neopixel Ring Lights (the video is 24 leds but I think this 16 version fits better)

$9.83, used approx $0.40

Solid Core Wire
$10.70, used approx $0.10

Loctite Glue

Gorilla Glue