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Reboot Proton Pack

All 3d print files can be downloaded here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1755363

A Ghostbusters reboot is happening and the pack looks different. Seeing as the new one is all women and my girlfriend refuses to dress up as Slimer, I decided to make the new proton pack for her.

Source/My version side by side:



There isn’t a lot of information about certain functions of the pack because at the time of writing, no trailer has been released. Though over at gbfans.com, some fans have been looking at all the details trying to figure things out. Many of the pieces have been identified so while building in 3d I could get exact measurements of lots of the components.


I built most of the pack in maya and 3d printed it on my Replicator 2. I bought a few identified pieces such as the ball valve and also had to buy things like the mesh and tubing that couldn’t be printed. I used a big piece of sintra as the base with some reinforcement of little steel plates. I also built the bottom box out of sintra and 3d printed the handle.

It runs off a 5v phone charger battery. That connects to an arduino and a ring of lights from adafruit. This way, if when video comes out and maybe we see the lights are a different color or they move a different direction/pattern, I can simply reprogram the arduino. That’s also how the battery comes in handy because it plugs in with usb, and I can use the same cord for power and reprogramming.

The digital displays are just bright green leds with some sandblasted plastic in front of them to diffuse, and a 3d printed cutout of the numbers in front of that. I wasn’t able to find displays of the correct size in time for Halloween.

12079105_10154249016559377_9172851145299175649_n 11169912_10154249016609377_8496804106884656252_n

I wrapped copper wire around the center area. There’s something in there as far as I can see, but hard to figure out for sure what is actually is. The big gold wires inside are sprinkler wire painted gold.

IMAG2327 12138567_10154260655679377_3054529202396395873_o 12036990_10154236251244377_7374198550516602273_n

The gun was almost entirely 3d printed, with pvc pipe that fit very snugly for handles. I printed the grips and made a mold of them so I could cast them in foam. The first one came out great but I messed up the mixture on the second one and it ruined the mold. I ended up just printing each grip.




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  1. Do you sell these ???

    • Sorry, this was a one-off to practice large printing (and the many problems associated with it) and to learn how to control the ring lights.

  2. Would you mind sharing some of your 3D printable files?

  3. I was wondering how bright the neopixels are and where you have mounted them? Do you have more pictures of them mounted? I intend to use the 24 way pixels for mine, but I want as much light diffusion as possible.

    • crydrk

      They are really, really bright. I mounted them slightly raised right in the middle of the cyclotron cage. If I recall correctly, I sawed a 3d print spool in half. I’ll try to remember to upload more images of this – if you notice that I haven’t updated in a week, feel free to comment again to give me a kick in the pants to remember! 🙂

  4. Any chance we could find out what brand back pack you cannibalized the straps from? Are they accurate straps, or just really close?

  5. What was the diameter of the PVC pipe that was used for the proton gun? Excellent job btw!

    • crydrk

      Thanks! The diameter of the pvc was 3/4″. But take that with a grain of salt – I chose it because I had it laying around and isn’t necessarily official size.

      • Thanks for the info! What kind of mesh did you use for the faraday cage?

  6. Martin

    Looks amazing.

    What did you use for the sides of the Cryogen container, are they just 3d printed?

    • crydrk

      The cryogen container is the box at the bottom, right? If so, yes the sides were 3d printed and I cut out some of the mesh material and epoxied it inside.

  7. I would love the 3D files. I found one for the complete thrower but the middle box isn’t very accurate and I can’t figure out how to remove the grip and the barrel so I just have the box.

  8. Charley

    Awesome build! Just wondering what your user name is on thingiverse so I can track down the 3D files.

  9. Amazing! I ended up using an old nerf gun for the actual gun part to make it a little more fun, but this was awesome. I had no idea what to use for the light up part of the proton pack and this is ingenious and perfect! Thank you so much for sharing! Halloween will be awesome because of you 😀

  10. Kopkt P.R.

    Only 1 word WAO it amazing, looking foward to do this Thanx

  11. Pilar Gonzalez

    First of all thanks for the amazing 3d files and making my life easier. They look amazing!! I would like to print some of the boxes and the wand box but I’m having a little trouble identifying the parts with the file names. Can you help me with this? Thank You!! I hope my pack turns out as cool as yours.

  12. Hey here; this is probably the first of several questions I hope you don’t mind, but I’m trying to build this for my daughter (I’m working through printing the parts now)… I’m curious about the sintra base you say you used… what were the overall dimensions of the piece, and did you heat-form it to get the curve at the bottom?


    • Sorry for the late reply. I’m afraid I don’t know the dimensions off-hand, I got them somewhere on the ghostbusters forum. I did heat form it to make the shape at the bottom.

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